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In Recognition Of
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Preserving a near-lost legacy and heritage.
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B’nos Tzlafchad, the daughters of Tzlafchad, came before Moshe with a complaint. Their father died in the Midbar, leaving no sons, only seven daughters. Inheritance of a share in the land of Israel was given only to a son. Why should his share in the land be lost to the family because he had no son? They, too, wanted a share of the land, among their father’s brothers.

Moshe defers the case to Hashem, who declares, "Kain B’nos Tzlafchad dovros" - The daughters of Tzlafchad speak properly.

Not only that, but the Yalkut Shimoni comments that B’nos Tzlafchad merited the reward of their entire generation through their righteousness!!

What was the greatness of the request of B’nos Tzlafchad? What was it in their words which found favor in the eyes of Hashem, the King of Kings and caused them to merit immeasurable reward?

If we look at the factors surrounding their request, we can understand its greatness. At that time, B’nai Yisroel were saying, "Let us appoint a leader and return to Mitzrayim." They doubted that they would ever enter the land of Israel. In contrast, B’nos Tzlafchad fully assume that they would enter Israel. The proof of their conviction is the fact that they demanded a rightful share in the land. Their very words express their belief in the promise of Hashem, that He would indeed bring them into Eretz Yisroel. They were not only given a reward for their action, but the factors surrounding it were also taken into account. Thus, they merited a tremendous reward.


We learn from here, that one who does a Mitvah is rewarded not only for the deed itself, but also for the circumstances surrounding the action. One who encounters resistance in doing a mitzvah is rewarded more that one who encounters no resistance.


When someone defies modern trends and fashions at a time when it is against the way of the Torah, the value of his eternal reward raised and multiplied. This person is rewarded not only for refraining from what is forbidden, but also for the strength of character displayed in the process.

For there is no great heroism in following the tide. A dead fish does that. A live fish, though, swims against the tide when it knows that the tide is dragging him into the fisherman’s net.

Now in the hot summer months, let us take heart from the example of B’nos Tzlafchad. When we dress modestly in the scorching heat, we are rewarded for our efforts. When the time of judgement comes, everything is taken into account.

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