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I sincerely hope that this tour of World And Jewish history will motivate you to grow in knowledge and appreciation of the Torah and the contributions of Jewish people.

I hope that you will find G-d in both your personal life and in the history of Mankind. I hope that this brings you to observance of the 7/613 commandments that you are responsible to observe.

Try to be more Torah observant. Take on a little at a time. You can adjust and you’ll soon be happy that you did. G-d will be with you. We live only once. You owe it to yourself and to your family. Learn and grow. Have courage.

Especially if you are Jewish, urge your leadership to support Jewish continuity. Define for yourself what Jewish continuity means and what needs to be done to insure it. Verify that your leadership shares your ideals and views. Have they been claiming all along to insure Jewish continuity? If so, what have they been doing? Have they been effective? Evaluate the results for yourself. Follow your mind and heart. 

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History has a past and a present. The Torah provides insight into events of tomorrow.

Interested in knowing about tomorrow?

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