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Significant Events In Jewish And World History: Adam to Abraham.


Events in Bold Type are illustrated on the Time Line Display Of Jewish History

From Creation
Years Before
The Common Era
Day 6 3761 CREATION OF ADAM (Sixth "day of creation")(1)
130 3630 Birth of Shait (Seth)(1)
622 3138 Birth of Chanoch (Enoch)(1)
687 3073 Birth of Metushelach (Methuselah)(1)
930 2830 "P'tirah" (Death) of Adam (1)
1056 2704 BIRTH OF NOACH (NOAH)(1)
1558 2202 Birth of Shem (1)
1656 2104 THE FLOOD (1)
1723 2037 Birth of Ever (Eber)(1)
1757 2003 Birth of Peleg (1)

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